Musings on web ads

I’m sitting on the deck enjoying a cold glass of margarita mix that some good friends brought.  It’s a gorgeous summer evening and the kids are all playing on the lawn.  This stuff is surprisingly potent.  Anyway I’m sitting and thinking about Adsense and other online advertising programs.  There is an Adsense ad to the right of this post.  I put it on to help defray hosting costs (though it brings in pennies per month…literally).  What is interesting however is that it is probably displaying something related to a site you’ve been looking at, or something you are interested in. 

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Sitt’n Time

Welcome! Sometimes a fellow needs to just kick back and think about things for a bit.  So grab a cold one, or perhaps a nice mug of joe, and join me as I share my inane musings about whatever strikes my fancy.  Join me for some sitt’n time.