Sitt’n Time

Welcome! Sometimes a fellow needs to just kick back and think about things for a bit.  So grab a cold one, or perhaps a nice mug of joe, and join me as I share my inane musings about whatever strikes my fancy.  Join me for some sitt’n time.

7 thoughts on “Sitt’n Time

  1. This site sucks! I was just sitting there thinking how this site sucks! It made me want to kick back and grab a cold one. Now, I’m just sittin’ here thinking about fighting you.

    • My friend, you have come to the right place. Just sit down and ponder things for a bit. That’s what sitt’n time is all about.

  2. Hey sittingtime,
    If you like, I fight Chris while you sit. I like fighting. I like fighting for you. You make nice place to sit.

  3. I have no web site. I feel low. Now I have It’s better than an early retirement package from a giant heartless corporation.

  4. I agree with Chris. Sitting makes me want to fight. I’ve got your back, Chris. This Johnny D. Guy could never survive in a cage match. He’s a punk. Bring it on Johhny D. Until you show your face, I’ll just sit here at and think about punching you.

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